The Encounter Church ministry has come to a close. Read more here.


Fun & Game Nights: Building Relationships

We are no longer meeting together for fun & game nights, and are bringing the Encounter Church ministry to a close. Click here to read more.

Encounter is all about relationships. And with our relationships there are serious times and there are fun times — and mostly we try to make these overlap.

Building relationships and meeting new friends is important to us. We want to explore creative, innovative, and fresh ways of experiencing authentic relationships with others on our same journey of faith as we "do life together."

This is why we love to plan special days to just get together and have fun. We'll meet to play Killer Bunnies or some favorite board games.

Sometimes, we'll go bowling or mini-golf. We'll gather some musicians and just jam. Or maybe we'll organize a LAN party for the Xbox 360. You get the picture.

In the long run, we just want to be intentional about forming strong friendships so we can wrestle together with what it means to follow Jesus. So make sure you check the calendar and the blog to see what we're doing next. And be sure to invite a friend along.

Big Game Party for the Superbowl

Come hang out and enjoy the big game together. We‘ll all bring snacks like chips, mini-dogs, or whatever you can dream up ... like 5 different kinds of nachos. There will be board games and Wii for the kids, too. It’ll be awesome!

Sunday, Feb 6 @ 4pm | Powell Home

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