The Encounter Church ministry has come to a close. Read more here.


4 Ways To Partner With Encounter

We are no longer meeting together for worship gatherings, and are bringing the Encounter Church ministry to a close. Click here to read more.

There are at least four ways to get personally involved and partner with Encounter Church — to step out of the boat that you are in and take an active role in what Jesus is doing to impact this generation and beyond in Helena. And so we're asking you to partner with us as you PRAY, SHARE, JOIN, and TELL.

1) PRAY Regularly

We challenge you to pray regularly for the work and impact of Encounter Church — for the faith community that we are developing and for the people of this city.

Your prayers are an indispensable part of planting this new church. We already have friends and family all over the world that are part of our intercessory prayer team. We're asking you to join them by committing to pray for us regularly.

When you become a prayer partner, you will begin receiving our Encounter Prayer Updates by email, keeping you updated on Encounter and letting you know our specific prayer requests.

Click here to find out how to become an Encounter Prayer Partner.

2) SHARE Financially

Sustaining a new church is never a small endeavor, but we believe God is calling us to a unique vision. In particular, it will take significant funds to create the types of environments we believe will impact this technological, media-driven generation.

Will you dare to dream with us how your Weekly Tithe, Monthly Support, or Single Donation could impact the lives of many people who are far from God?

While we have been blessed with a number of financial partners, both churches and individuals, we are still seeking to meet our budget in our first year. Ongoing costs such as the pastor's salary, space rental, annual fees, and equipment costs are crucial to our vision. Your monthly gift of $1000, $500, $100, or $50 over the next one, two, or three years will make a difference.

As a young church, we are in need of a number of items and services. Of course in ministry there is never enough money, but we are just asking you to consider donating financially. We need stuff like technical and A/V equipment, administrative needs, signage, printed materials, kid's ministries, curriculum, and a host of other stuff.

We want to be a burning bush — something out of the ordinary that catches the attention of a city. No matter how large or how small, we dare you to dream with us how your monthly support or one-time gift could impact the lives of many people who are far from God.

To find out how to give financially click here.

3) JOIN the Team

You may not live here in Helena and God may be nudging you to move. You may have been disconnected from or hurt by your church years ago and He may be calling you to get involved with a different kind of church.

We are a new community of faith that is not safe and comfortable, but a dangerous church — taking risks by boldly following Jesus.

We invite you to explore a deeper involvement with God's vision for Encounter through missions teams, seasonal internships, and new team members. We are looking for ministry partners from Helena and around the country to join with us as we make an eternal difference. Such needed roles include Worship Leader, Musicians, Kids Coordinator, LifeGroup/Discipleship Coordinator, Outreach Coordinator, and more.

If you have a passion to see those of this generation experience a life changing relationship with Jesus — God may be calling you to join with us in planting Encounter Church and changing the spiritual landscape of Helena.

Click here to learn more about our serving team opportunities.
Get in touch with us here and we'll talk more over coffee or a meal.

4) TELL Everyone

We know that while some of you live near us, others live half-way across the country. All of you, regardless of your involvement can be part of our team. As you read our blog and prayer updates, you are still part of what we're doing here.

We ask that you tell everyone you know of this unique and authentic faith community for those who haven't found church to be relevant and essential to their lives — a church for people who don’t like church.

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